Some of our projects

On this page you can find some examples of projects designed by Atrium. You can click on the shop’s name to see pictures of the project.


Accessory Zone is the specialist of fashion accessories and has an own design- and style department. In total, there are 17 showroom in various European countries, all of which have been designed and realised by Atrium.


Aabo is the biggest unbound Dutch wholesale for roofmaterials and related items. The latest two establishments, in the Hague and Haarlem, have been designed with a new concept. These have been designed and realised by Atrium, in collaboration with Gondella, of which Atrium is the Dutch dealer.


DAF is proud of every truck driving away from the factory in Eindhoven. They also need an interior with the right imago for this. Since 1997, Atrium has been the preferred supplier for the entrance area of DAF dealers in Europe. Regardless of the fact that every entrance is difference, Atrium designs and installs a recognizable interior.


Epplejeck is the superstore for ridersports. There are 8 branches in the Netherlands. In close collaboration with the office in Drachten, Atrium designs all unique shops.


Based on knowledge and experience, foods made by Royal Canin are still being improved. It’s important to have a professional presentation, presenting the quality the food has. Royal Canin has shop in shops, designed by Atrium, in better known pet shops.


Speedo is leading in the market of swimwear. This brand is available for purchase in better known sporting goods stores. To give the brand it’s own identity, Atrium regularly designs shop in shops regularly.


TRP stands for Truck and Trailer Parts. The truck parts are delivered from Eindhoven to dealers throughout Europe. Atrium has designed the concept and makes the designs for shops. This creates unity in shop design. Atrium also delivers and installs the design.

Pet shops

Atrium has specialised in designing shops for this retail group. Important is the right route through the shop and the right atmosphere, so the customer and his/her pet will feel at home and can find the product they need. If needed, Atrium also makes a lighting plan and colour advice.

Additional projects

Besides the projects above, Atrium works on several other projects.